Lightning Grey Stair Treads
Lightning Grey Stair Treads
Lightning Grey Stair Treads
Lightning Grey Stair Treads
Lightning Grey Stair Treads
Lightning Grey Stair Treads

    Lightning Grey Stair Treads

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      • Color: Gray & White
      • Pattern: Geometric
      • Set: Pack of 13
      • Technique: Power Loom
      • Pile: Low Pile
      • Material: Polyester
      • Location: Indoor
      • Construction: Machine-Made
      • Country of Origin: Made in Turkey
      • Dimensions: 9” x 28”

      Why Do You Need Stair Treads?

      Protect Your Kids From Slips & Injuries

      Protect Your Household Pets

      Reduce Loud Noises

      Lighten Up Your Staircase with Premium Quality Soft Rugs for Stair Treads

      Produced with Heatset Polypropylene 

      Highest Durability On the Market

      Safer Than HardWood or Laminate Stairs


      Prevent Falls & Injuries

      Stairs are high traffic areas in any home, not only because they are often used, but because the impact of foot traffic is greater on stairs than on flat areas due to the added force of gravity as you descend down the stairs. This means that you should be using the high-end Soft Rugs for Stair Treads and SofiaRugs™ is Happy to provide it. 

      Please follow the following steps when installing stair treads;

      1- Wipe down each stair with a damp cloth
      2- Remove the stair treads from the box
      3- Apply the double sided tape to the back of the stair tread
      4- Remove the second layer of the double sided tape
      5- Place the stair tread on the desired stair and press firmly to ensure a non-slip experience.
      Please vacuum your stair treads regularly for a fresh new look.
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